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Descriptions of all the important directory functions can be found below. This screenshot shows what you should get after having selected the continent, country, and type of transportation or after having executed a direct search of our database:


Clicking "Home" will bring you to the homepage, shown above.

You got to this Help page by clicking "Help".

This is where you can search our database directly for a particular timetable. Simply enter a word under which the wanted timetable is sure to be found and then click the "Search" button to the right of the text entry field.

This blue bar shows the history of your search through the different categories. By clicking it, you can return to any previously taken step of your search.

You have made your three selections (continent, country and type of transportation) and are about to be presented with the corresponding timetables. The timetables themselves don't belong to the Web site. The bold print indicates the title of the linked Web site. The standard print below the title is a description of the Web site and the italicized print is the Web site's internet address. By clicking on either the bold or the italicized print, you will be leaving and you will be sent to the Web site with the desired timetable.

Your search results will be displayed five at a time. To move on to the next five results, click on "Next". To return to the the five results you just left, click on "Back". To view the first page of results, click on "First page" and to view the last page, click on "Last page".

Here you have the total number of matches to your search criteria and the five presently displayed entries. can also be viewed in German, French or Italian. Simply click on your desired language to have displayed in that language.

If you know of a Web site that contains timetables and isn't yet in our database, you can have it entered by clicking on "Add Link".
To view our Terms of Use, simply click on "Terms of Use".
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